NON-SLIP RUG PAD-Keeps area rugs in place -Keeps area rugs
in place-For use on hard surface floors
-For use on hard surface floors -Protects your floor
-Easily cut to fit any rug -Hard washable -Will not stain
or discolour floor
-Treated with MSM fresh antimicrobial -Guaranteed 10 years
with proper maintenance
Dimension 5’ X 8’ / 142 cm X 288 cm


Help keep rugs in place -Non-slip rug pad for hard floors -Makes homes safer -Helps prevent slips and falls
-Ventilated to promote air circulation
-Easily trimmed to fit -Guaranteed to hold non-slip properties for 10 years
-8′ X 10′ / 240 cm x 300 cm
( May not be suitable for use on vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, 
or unsealed surfaces,
Please always follow floor manufacturer’s direction )